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A non-profit voluntary organization, established a decade ago in the year 1999 has been successful in creating awareness in the area of individual, social, moral, psychological and physiological developments thus contributing in healthy well being of citizens in our society.

Due to the modernization and inclination towards western culture, India is losing its ancient heritage, Vedic culture and traditional educational system.

Even after six decades of glorious independence, India is still under the influence of slavery and bondage. Illiteracy and unemployment are the major factors affecting the global Indian economy.

The influence of hectic day to day life is affecting the mental, physical and physiological development of every individual, isolating him/her from happiness, health and mental peace.

Taking the above factors into consideration and with an intention to help the needy and to uplift the downtrodden - Kriya Yoga Samsthan has been conducting state wide awareness camps on Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic science, Indian heritage and culture, Gau-samrakshana, Ancient methods of agriculture, Moral development in rural areas, nature cure, Pollution control etc., along with summer camps for school going children.

As part of above, Kriya Yoga Samsthan - Hyderabad annually conducts summer camps for school going children aged between 7-16 years. During the months of April / May these Summer Camps are organized in a large and grand scale helping them benefit in and through our traditional values & cultural heritage thereby gaining Physical, Mental and Psychological aspects - preparing themselves for future with courage, strength and health of highest order.

Summer Camp - MISSION

Our mission is to develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs.

Adventure Camp 2015

KYS adopted a multipronged approach to promote and harness POTENTIAL in a safe and sustainable manner. Adventure tour is as enjoyable, exciting, thrilling and invigorating as one makes it. India in itself is an open invitation to the fun loving and the adventurous souls. To fancy the wild and see Mother Nature in its original form, to see man and nature surviving in each other's arms is rediscovering one's own self.

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